i have a lcd from a cell phone, can i reuse it?

its from a sony ericsson, not sure what model but it had a sliding keypad.
there are several numbers on the back but i cant find a brand name anywhere.
on the ribbon cable leading to the connector it says:
0363 1

then on the thin circuit connected to the screen it says:
(from top left to bottom right)
11 mk
NWP74-MDL60111   5ARR

i cant find any info but maybe someone here can?

iceng6 years ago
Not really.....
yes, type in use an old nokia lcd screen, you should find something, i know there is heaps on this site
zack247 (author)  The nerdling6 years ago
the problem is i dont know if it is a nokia screen, so i dont know if those instructables would work...

i did see one instructable before where a nokia lcd was hooked up to an arduino or some sort of microcontroller to display a picture, that would probably be one of the more ideal things to do with it.