i have a metal wardrobe i would like to make it look new. what can i do?

zaronas5 years ago
well i dont know about you but i like the metal look so i would just get some low grit paper (high abrasiveness) and sand the whole thing down and then if you dont like that finish get some fine sand paper in the 200's or higher and sand it then some 300 grit or higher stuff to finish it off
Is it dented ? Or just scratched ?
sganjon (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
no dents, but some rust on the base of it.
If the rust isn't too deep, I suggest you use fine sandpaper to remove it, and make a good surface, and then use spray paint to make a new finish. The more time and care you invest in the preparation, the better the end result.

Better still, if you can find somewhere locally, would be to get it "powder coated" - a way of producing an excellent finish at a low-ish cost, if you can get the thing to the paint shop.