i have an amp aux410r by sansui and the speaker protection relay wont switch off.....?

there is no obvious  problems in side, the output stage has no power to amplify untill i can figure out what the problem is any sugestions

ronreb7 years ago
You may think that you do not have problem but I would bet you do. Did you check the audio output stage for dc offset at the relay ? Speaker protection circuits usually work & they are there to protect the speakers from dc current that will burn the voicecoils. Good luck
andybuda (author)  ronreb7 years ago
i got a mate who works in the industry to fix it for me and it turned out that a lead was connected from mic to an input or something like that an there was a problem with the mic. i didnt do it and dont know who did iv not had it working since i got it years ago.. iv fixed amps but this was beyond me.. there was no problem with output stage and i tested it many ways....errr