i have an old guitar amp, what should i do with it?

null, by old i dont mean "old" it is a newer amp but i just dont use it i meant what cool stuff could i do to it?

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iamdan7 years ago
Get an adapter and an audio cord and plug in ur ipod or any other mp3. :-)
is is a fairly large amp?(12 inch speaker)
omnimancer8 years ago
sell it and buy stuff you know what to do with? Old guitar amps are in demand for the retro style, and retro sound. It would be better to mention make and model (usually found somewhere on the case.
purduecer8 years ago
If you're electrically inclined, the amp probably features a number of usable parts, particularly the speaker, a high-wattage amplifier/h-bridge, and several large capacitors as well (do be careful with those, as you won't want to electrocute thyself).
gmoon8 years ago
Get an old guitar. Plug it in. Play.