i have gnats all over my house no food or garbage anywhere where are they coming from an how do i get rid of them?

i took all the house plants out there is nothing for them to live on   why????

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KarenS3091 year ago

Hello- you don't need any fancy recipe for a trap............just a small glass with some apple cider vinegar,...cover the glass tightly with saran wrap...poke a very few small holes in it....the gnats get in and drown.....

Do you have any potting soil or anything like that in your house? I had a gnat problem last year and it took me a while to find where they were coming from. Sure enough, it was a bag of potting soil in my pantry.
jeff-o7 years ago
They'll live on anything - just a bit of moisture on a dish rag is enough it seems. Try a fly trap like seandogue suggested, and if you want immediate relief chase after them with a vacuum cleaner.
seandogue7 years ago
1) bowl
2) 1/4 cup white vinegar
3) equal amount of water
4) 1/2 teaspoon sugar.
5) bits of ripe fruit and or fruit skin, mashed

mix 2-5 well in bowl.
wipe edges
cover tightly with cellophane
poke itsy bitsy holes in cellophane with toothpick or exacto (slightly larger that a fruit fly body)
set somewhere conspicuous to "gnats" It's like a roach motel for fruit flies. they smell the yummy and when they get inside, they can't get out.

And clean up (I had a similar problem last summer. worked like a charm. There must have been a few hundred in there by the time it was over.
They are coming from other gnats.

To get rid of them just wait till the weather turns cold.

Unless of course you live in the tropics...
rickharris7 years ago
Look for very ripe fruit. They feed on it and will come from miles around when they smell it.

Fly spray.

onrust7 years ago
Smoke 'm out! Try some incense.
orksecurity7 years ago
It's surprising how little those beasts need to keep going and how long they'll run on nothing. Keep your trash sealed, keep your sink cleaned, hang flypaper, and if it's really bad consider chasing them with a flyswatter and/or vacuum cleaner. Periodically I've considered buying a bugzapper for _indoor_ use.