i have this speakers?

i have 5 speakers without  main woofer, can you sugest me how to connect them and give them power? is there any instruction similar project?

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Those are standalone speakers that will need to be connected to an amplifier if you want to get decent sound out of them. If you use an adapter to take that RCA connector to a 3.5mm jack and plug it into your PC it will be like your connecting a set of headphones to the PC. The sound won't be very load.
fuho4 years ago
The easiest way to connect them to your computer without any external amplification is to buy 3 x "3.5mm male jack to cinch female adapters"
(something like this  .

In your desktop PC the sound output is probably grouped:

Front Left + Front Right
Rear Back + Rear Right
Center + Subwoofer

That's why you need 3, you will leave the subwoofer one empty.
tealk (author)  fuho4 years ago
thank you, this is probably the best choice
fuho fuho4 years ago
Edit: Image disappeared, here is the link:
rickharris4 years ago
What do you intend to connect the to?

Are they power i.e intended for computer use?

Can you give us a make/model or type.
tealk (author)  rickharris4 years ago
i want to connect them to computer, i bought them in second shop but they didnt have big woofer. i dont know who makes it. i want connecting them on 3.5mm stereo,mono jack so i can use them both for my computer and phone,so i was thinking of creating some sort of amplifier so i can connect them onto my phone