i have to make a small bridge smaller than a shoe box does anyone have any recommendations?

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nurdee16 years ago
I made a covered Truss bridge out of lots of popsicle sticks and hot glue it was about 18 inches long.
frollard6 years ago
Triangles. Lots and lots of triangles.

If you make your bridge out of fractals, you'll get extra geek-credit for your homework!
bonus points if you manage to use the Mandelbrot set.
I never found an understandable place to find out what it is...
Algorithmically speaking go here.
Category math art.
This is not a process for two.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  A
jeff-o frollard6 years ago
What k'nex kit is that? ;)
frollard jeff-o6 years ago
Schrodinger's box.
iceng nurdee16 years ago
nosee pics on your site.
Ah, the annual balsa wood and Gorilla glue bridge building contest. (Did I say Gorilla glue? Oops! That's one secret out of the bag.)

Research past winners and take your clues from them. As Frollard says, "Triangles. Lots and lots of triangles." Or just a few large triangles and laminated beams...

but don't forget extra triangles!
Yeah, the more triangles you have, the more spread out the load. I'm thinking about a local contest where one of the finalists had a very simple, yet very strong bridge. Don't remember how much weight it took before failing. Several pounds before any deflection.

iceng6 years ago
Look at some of the related ibles on the right side of this page.
I like coffee stirrer construction myself. . . . . . A
jeff-o6 years ago
A chuck of 2x4 lumber ought to do the trick.
rickharris6 years ago
Straws and pipe cleaners - they go inside the straws to join them together.
plastic one?