i have tons of old licsene plates ? i have a hard time blending them ?

i was looking for more ideas on crafts and reuseof the plates

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symeon8 years ago
If you have US licence plates, I encourage you to find some way to sell them outside the country. Europeans just Loooooove US licence plates. Maybe it's a romantic notion, but I think people would pay to have them.
PitStoP8 years ago
I seen bird houses made of wood and the roof had a bended plate on it .Sold in a flea market. looked cool..
BeanGolem8 years ago
If you're a cyclist, you could try my Instructable using a single license plate.
I have seen some cool ideas on uncommongoods.com
I remember on a trip seeing a whole garage covered shingled in liscence plates, maybey you could try that?
People were selling purses and handbags made from old plates.