i have two pieces of cedar that i want to put together side by side

I have two pieces of cedar wood 6foot long 18" wide 2" thick that i want to make a bar out of what is the best way to put them together side by side so they will be strong.On one end of the bar will be attached to the wall  by use of a rwo by four mounted to the studs.And the other end will be attached to a cedar trunk so most of the weight will be on that trunk. What is the best way to put them together so that they will be good and strong.Any ideas would be greatly appreiated thanks.

Get or rent a biscuit joiner. This will allow you to cut slots in the 2 edges to be joined. Then using a good wood glue fill the slots with the wooden biscuits and clamp the 2 pieces together.
Second on the biscuit joiner: It is one of my favorite tools. I'd also add that when it comes time to glue it up, I'd get some straight boards clamped above and below your boards to make sure that the future bar stays flat. (Going to add an image, but can't seem to do it from the ipad.... If it doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll attach an image)
This video may help. The joiner is most often used to join several boards together to make a larger board like your wanting to do.

there.. cussed stubborness pays off again. The picture I mentioned above....