i like shooting targets with my slingshot in my garden but dont like picking up bb's that i shot any ideas?

my mum dosent like it because we have a pet rabbit that could choke on the bb's

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An Villain7 years ago
alright, a pet rabbit would not eat the BBS, i have rabbits, and even if they are starving (which they never are) they will not eat a plant that is not good for them, a rabbit is one of the finickiest eaters in the world, but if you are still worried, buy a BB trap target (link included, or shoot gravel, which it is undoubtedly exposed to frequently so it will not eat it (picture of gravel enclosed as well.)
trap target.gifgravel.jpg
flintwo25 years ago
If you don't want your rabbit to eat the airsoft/BB bullets you could pick them up.,
jtobako8 years ago
Don't shoot BBs. Shoot into something that catches them. Use something other than BBs. Educate your mum that a .177 caliber BB can't choke a rabbit unless you are trying to fill it like a bean bag and that, as dumb as domestic animals are, they don't eat BBs. Or, us the right term for what you are using (1/4 inch steel pieces aren't BBs-not that a rabbit is going to eat them, either).
sharlston (author)  jtobako7 years ago
its acctually a 6mm copper plate bb that i use now but thanks for answering
sharlston (author)  jtobako8 years ago
but i am using bbs not steel balls
BB are copper plated steel balls.
sharlston (author)  jtobako8 years ago
the second defintion of a bb is a plastic ball bearing
Sorry, things have changed : ) The plastic pellets used to be called 'airsoft' not 'bbs'. Still don't see how the rabbit's going to choke on them.
dumbguy8 years ago
sounds like it would be easier to just find a different place to shoot.
All that you need to do is get a cardboard box and duct tape it to the back of your target.
sharlston (author)  Instructablewizard8 years ago
my slingshot shoots throught 3 layers of cardboard
what model do you have or is it homemade
sharlston (author)  SorryBarry8 years ago
is a barnett black widow
Then use a thick box or tape extra layers over the target end.
pytonter8 years ago
I do the same... except I just leave them.(BBs are very cheap,you know.)
sharlston (author)  pytonter8 years ago
but my rabbit could eat them
Hence the word COULD! besides, what kind of idiotic animal would try eating a BB ,not be able to(which it won't),and try another to get the same, tasteless effect!
dont insult his rabbit no soup!!!
set up a towel or sum kind of cloth to shoot at (might want to put a target on or sumthing) then just put a box on the ground underneath so the bbs should hit the towel and fall into the box
An Villain8 years ago
use snappers, because they dissappear, or shoot dried peas, another thing to use is Pea-gravel, rabbits are used to Pea-gravel and will not try to eat it.
sharlston (author)  An Villain8 years ago
what are snappers?
little paper packets about the size of peas that make a loud snap when they impact with something, they also dissapear. they are also known as pop-its.
sharlston (author)  An Villain8 years ago
oh we call them fun snaps
ah, most call them pop-its but i prefer snappers.
favre6268 years ago
shoot sunflower seeds instead of bbs
d2j58 years ago
use like a card board box or something that the bb's get stuck into so they dont go all over the place
ericm2478 years ago
*cough*what you can try using a back stopper method. The way you set it up is depending on what you like shooting the target most. If u like shooting your target up-ward then i suggest putting a large cloth behind the target in a large box of some-sort. If u like shooting down-ward then put a small cloth a few inches higher than the target. Put a cardboard box behind the target with a small/large cloth in the middle, taped/or stringed.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. If they are steel BBs, try a big magnet.
spectral088 years ago
Depending on the velocity of the B.B.'s, you might be able to get by with something similar to an airsoft trap target. Stack cardboard a few layers thick (probably 3 layers give or take) then line the back w/ duct tape. If this doesn't work, just add more cardboard. You could try something similar if you have some thick foam lying around. Stack layers of foam and adjust based on results.
lieuwe8 years ago
shoot into something, like a old garbage can, that way you can get your bb's quicker