i m 15 and i havent had a boyfriend. i know i m young but all my friends have one and i m tired of not having one. help?

i m 15 and i havent had a boyfriend. i know i m young but all my friends have one and i m tired of not having one. i dont think i m too bad looks wise and i get along well with lads in generally. But when i see my frineds with their boyfriends i just get so jealous and wish i had one. Any help in to how i can fix this?

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Kiteman7 years ago
Relax, don't fret about it.

A said elsewhere, boyfriends (and girlfriends) are not fashion accessories.  Partners are not iPods - you don't get one because everybody else has one, you get one because you meet somebody and something clicks.  Think about it: if all your friends were single, and you weren't, would you dump your boyfriend just to fit in?

You have years of time to find somebody.  I was 18 before I found my first proper girlfriend.  To be honest, she found me.

It's our twentieth wedding anniversary in March.

le-Sid Kiteman7 years ago
gratz for your wedding anniversary! it's rare to see these kind of relationship these days ^_^
le-Sid7 years ago
stay natural, go out with your friends, have fun!
people know when you try "too much"...
just let things go and you'll eventually meet the one
force it too much and you'll end with lots of bad experience
Re-design7 years ago
Don't be in such a hurry, guys aren't going to be all you expect them to be.
framistan7 years ago
Nobody wants to be alone even when they are 80 years old.  But better to be lonely a few years and find the RIGHT person for you.... than to have someone right away that will make the rest of your life MISERABLE.  Many of those you see with boyfriends will also get married too soon and have quick divorces. Maybe you will avoid all that by being patient.
orksecurity7 years ago
"When you want something in the worst way, that's how you'll usually get it.."

I agree with the others; this isn't something you can force if you want it to be at all real and lasting. Your best bet is simply to meet guys, get to know them, spend time with them, and let things progress naturally if they're going to. Among other things, that way if it doesn't work out you still wind up as friends rather than having major hurt feelings all around.

If and when there's someone specific whom you're interested in and whom you think may be interested in you, there have been previous discussions here about how to raise the question.
seandogue7 years ago
Just an observation. Boyfriends are not commodities like barbie dolls or MePods. You'll have one when you choose to either buy yourself a boy with promises and foolishness, or better, when you fall for someone who also falls for you.
Oh If i had a nickle everytime I heard that one in my youthorganization...

It's a common need for 14-16 year olds. I was just like you when I was your age. I'll spare you all the psychilogical and fysichilogical crapwhat causes it (I'm studying the subject) but it's normal to want a boy/girlfriend at this age.

But take it from me, you don't want to rush into a relationship just for the sake of having a relationship. It always ends bad and you didn't start it for the right reasons. Not to be insulting but the way you describe it, it seems like you just want a boyfriend because your friends all have boyfriends. But remember this is a living breathing person we're talking about. If you go in a relationship with him it probably means he has feelings for you. While you may or may not have feelings for him. And believe me, if you don't have feelings for him it will end very quickly. In the end you'll only be happy to have him around when your friends are with you so you can show him off and the rest of the time you'll want him away from you. And this will hurt him very deeply and at some moment he's gonna realize why your in a relationship with him and he'll break it off. Perhaps you'll go like "no Iwon't do that, I'll be happy even if my girlfriends are gone" and that may perfectly be but look into your heart then. Do you have feelings for him? It is possible they have developed by then but if not, do you think it's fair for him?

On to the getting a boyfriend.

Like I said it's nothing you can force. You and the person you want a relationship with must have feelings for eachother otherwise it will just end bad. But don't start to worry there's nobody out there for you. There's somebody for everybody, just be yourself and you'll find yourself a guy.

Something I always tell (although it isn't a requirement for the perfect relationship) is get to know eachother first. So start out as friends and see where it takes you.

so in short: just wait for it and be yourself and you'll find yourself a guy (but if you have feelings for someone don't hesitate to take the first step ;) )

Also (again not to be insulting but sadly this is how the world turns) if you have had to many boyfriends some may consider you a slut. I do say some, I generraly don't mind if a girl has had some boyfriends before but when you have had relationships with alot of guys the word will quickly pass around that you had something with half of the village. So again no feelings for the guy, don't start a relationship with him :)

I hope you understand what I'm saying to you. Believe me you'll probably won't believe me now because I sure didn't at your age but you have all the time in the world! I'm 19 now and I'm as free as  a bird and although I miss having a girlfriend sometimes, I also know the great freedom I have to enjoy myself with other girls while not having a pissed off look from across the other room (some girls and boys get extremely jeleaus in a relationship) So any questions just ask :)

hope it helped,

Acepilot427 years ago
hey, i am 14.
Yes, don't worry about it. Its really not at all important. I know it must seem so to you, but dating is not a competitive sport, it'll happen when it feels right to you.

Robman0907 years ago
The best advice I can give on this is don't worry about dating yet..your still really young. And yes I know you have proubly heard that before and I know a few years ago when I heard that I just said whatever and ignored it..But dating just for the sake of dating is pointless and usualy ends up bad and ruins perfectly good relationships. Wait until you find that one person that just means the world to you. I am 19 and have only dated 2 girls my whole life. And right now I am dating the girl I am going to marry and I know that for a fact. Good luck.