i m making rocket shoes. any idea which topics r required to study? had it been made earlier???

hiii....has anyone yet made rocket shoes??? shoes, on wearing of which justly, u can fly.... i m trying to make one wid chemical or ion propulsion.....any idea or suggestion...??? my e mail id...rjsaxena24@gmail.com

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jimamily7 years ago
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jtobako8 years ago
There's a gentleman in Mexico who just spent 20 or 30 years creating a jetpack so he could fly. Center of mass and location of thrust are important-tape some model rockets to the ankles of a 12 inch action figure/barbie doll and see if it flies strait, and why. Volume of fuel becomes an issue-as does control of thrust (you can't just go up, you need 1/2 or more of the fuel to come back down).
lemonie8 years ago
poor quality video but it shows what I think you're talking about quite well?

Bigev8 years ago
Well, I'd scrap the ion propulsion side of it. Ion propulsion is only useful in space and it takes a long time to get going at a decent rate of speed.
AndyGadget8 years ago
If anyone's tried strapping rocket thrusters to their feet and igniting them, you'll probably find a mention somewhere HERE.