i made the dream of a cheap and pwoerful and simple airsoft sniper rifle... should i make an instructable???

i made a 30$ airsoft sniper rifle that outperforms my 140$ one and is simple and fast to build. it has a fast reload and pump time, is portable (no annoyina air compressors or tanks) exceeds 400 psi, can hit 100 feet away accurately, and, incredible, uses only two pumps from a ball pump to charge. i am just dredging for interest, cuz i know some people want this, so if enough people tell me i will make this the topic of my fist 'Ible..... so u want it??? this is a perfect practical gun and can be used for actual games of airsoft. it is an amazingly simple system of operation, so u can mod it as much as u want and still get max performance. unfortunately, i already builtthe gun in question, so there will be no actual construction pics, but you can figure out how to make it just my looking at it so it shouldnt b too hard... ill post steps 4 the noobs though.

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dla8887 years ago
Where's the gun?
ilpug (author)  dla8887 years ago
the whole project flopped. prototype one blew up, prototype two froze solid, and a containing cap on the spring in prototype three failed and destroyed the entire breech mechanism. complete failure. i spent more on the pursuit of making a gun than i would have spent if i went and bought one. but i learned alot, so it wasnt a total loss.
AdmiralNiik7 years ago
 I think that if you don't post it, you are doing a dis-service to all of mankind and you shall be punished accordingly.

Please, please post it. I want it soooo much.
post it!!1!
ilpug (author)  flamethrower10107 years ago
well, um lol.  i waould make an ible on this, but that was before a fatal design flaw made the thing release all of the gas into my hand and give me frostbite on the back of my hand. luckily i was okay, but the thing is waaaaayyyy back to the drawing board at the moment. apparently canned air is to cold to be contained in PVC. ah well. sorry
Nerfgenius8 years ago
Are you kidding! I would love for you to make an Instructable on that.
dla8888 years ago
PLEASE POST IT!!! {Sinks to his knees sobbing} PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE POST IT!
CapnTac8 years ago
Oh please, please, PLEASE post it!
ilpug (author)  CapnTac8 years ago
noted 2 posts so far
chopstx ilpug8 years ago
please post it. p0$t
xZCodmaNZx8 years ago
yah im workin on 1 2 but mine has full wood body with a l 96 internals want me to post it
Genises8 years ago
I agree with CaptnTac!!