Willard2.04 years ago
I would convert an ATX power supply from a computer. They are easy to find and can have very high amperage on the 12V rails. Look for one 500W or higher and can supply 30A at 12V. Then look to the right for the instructions for converting them for lab bench use.
iceng4 years ago
Other power sources come to mind:
  • A Snap-8 nuclear generator.
  • A battery will do the job,  for a while.
  • An electric motor generator..
  • A running car.
  • A large solar array.
  • A Triad transformer is not üwave.
  • An inch ground probe separation in a HV distribution yard.
  • Microwave reception from a good source.
  • and some others.

No, you need a transformer. What's wrong with making one from a uwave oven transformer ?