i need a footswitch to switch between three channels on my laney tf300?

i need a footswitch to switch between three channels on my laney tf300. the input on the amp is not a standard jack socket, it is a serial type, do i need a three button pedal, or is there some other way? all help appreciated.

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Can you get the circuit diagrams from Laney ? 
dunny13 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
i got a copy of the circuit schematics for the amp, should be attached to this reply, not got schematics for footswitch, thats what i'm hoping for, that someone can draw me a simple enough diagram for the footswitch
laney_tf300_sch_[ET].pdf(612x842) 390 KB
Re-design7 years ago
It could be wired several ways.  If you try something that is not wired correctly you stand a chance of blowing your amp.  I suggest that you order a switch from the mfg.
dunny13 (author)  Re-design7 years ago
i should have written that i have tried to get one from the manufacturer, but unfortunatley they don't make them anymore, which is why i decided to have a go at making my own. i've also trawled through ebay and various other websites to try and get hold of a second hand one, no joy there either.
What you need to find is the schematics to your amp and the schem to the foot switch.

My Fender 2 channel has a switch and uses diodes to let one switch control the channels.  Without knowing the setup in your amp I would have no idea how to set it up to work.