i need a good idea for a backround for lego stop motion animatiocan anyone help?

I'm trying to make a lego stop motion animation film, but i have a large list of things i need.
i have found most of the things, but i need help making, or buying a backround. i would rather make one, i just don no what to do for it.

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Hey there "poodleo", take a large peice of card and get some pens out. Sketch a design on to the card maybe a night city scene (outline the buildings black with yellow window and navy sky) or maybe a forest. If you are not so confident with drawing or don't have enough time maybe you could print something off the Internet or design it on Microsoft paint. You can choose anything you want to, as it is your movie but I hope this helped and maybe gave you some inspiration or ideas.

acidbass7 years ago
it would help to know the setting of the film then we could tell you print a picture of a forest or whatever out and figure out a way to have it as a background
the poodleo (author)  acidbass7 years ago
lego zombie movie.ok the setting is a few diffferent ones but the first is a deserted highway ( except for zombies ) so i need a lot of cars at that point the scale will be smaller than minifigs, because im not using them there, then theress going to be a house surrounded by zombies and a crazy guy (tallahase) with a minigun... and a lot of dinamite... and a large detailed custom hummer with a huge rocket launcher in the back... so yah i have a lot of weapon pieces. oh yah the house is going to be minifig scale, except the house is very tall.
hmmmmm well you could make the out of a piece of cardboard and just glue the smaller pics of cars and whatever else onto the card board
~Aeronous~7 years ago
Well if you want detailed backgrounds, pretend that every block is a pixel... you get me?
the poodleo (author)  ~Aeronous~7 years ago
yah... that would be hard. but ill try... ty
It usually turns out really well, and a lot of proffesional lego animationists use that concept, because you can change it without having to draw a completely new picture, just break it off at the desired editing line and replace some blocks, then slap the top on again.
yokozuna7 years ago
If you have any of the large green or blue flat plates (meant to build on) they should work well. It also helps to keep the effect in play if the background matches the medium you're working in.
the poodleo (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
well thats a good idea but where would i get a green or blue baseplate i live in canada near the border but its a fortyfive minute drive there and it costs 3 bucks per item to keep them at the store there.
they came with a few of the sets we bought growing up, I remember we had 3-4 of them. One was like a street, and the set had a few racing cars and like a stoplight setup. Another option would be to use blue or green posterboard and just key any picture off your computer in as the background. If you want to do keys, you'll need to be careful to get nice even lighting on all your shots.
lemonie7 years ago

Well Lego, would be logical, but you probably want colored paper/card and good lighting. Set you backdrop a good distance away and light properly.

the poodleo (author)  lemonie7 years ago
trust me. i got like 3 desk lamps set up on one of the gray base plates, and also the lights in the place im making it is right above it, and its rly bright
i just get plain blue sheets and bleach small parts of the white like clouds. then i put them up around my filming space. it is easier than adding it on the computer( unless you want a moving background or its got expltions.
the poodleo (author)  bob the slob7 years ago
thats also a good idea
seabananers7 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
As a "floor", use a large base plate.

For backgrounds, as others have said, draw or print large pictures.

For scenery, there are plenty of ideas in the Lego store, and cast members aplenty on ebay.
If you're looking for "interior" stuff try searching for "printable dollhouse". There's lots of stuff available. Furniture, flooring, mini movie posters,wallpaper. All for the cost of ink and paper. I recommend cardstock for furniture pieces. you may want to search "papercraft" for more ideas also. acidbass is right though, more info would be helpful. What things do you need? What scale?