i need a knex cv shaft, who can figure one out???

okay for you knex ppl i need to figure out a way to make a cv shaft for knex, i got 4wd already i just want stearing now, i can post pics and stuff if someone can make the cv shaft?? :D :D

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christiangg5 years ago
the best cv joint would be aceplots design, or using the ball and link set.
christiangg5 years ago
hey, aceplot. can u show me a pic of the transmission. thx
dirtbike1116 years ago
Will your joints bend or are they solid?
Acepilot427 years ago
i found a way to make universal joints, but they are huge!!!!!! i tried using bendy straws at first, but the kept bending. i also tried to make a dog bone style shaft but that didnt work. POST THE PIC SO I CAN SEE!!!!!!!please
i make a mini one but it is long
i came up with a new and improoved dogbone desighn. here it is.
aaronj (author) 7 years ago
i dont quite get how the cv works? do you have any bigger pics? and im sorta rebuilding it right now, kinda put a remot control motor onto the knex motor...just so its remot control then i wanna add steering now
i will show you a pic by the end of the weekend.
aaronj (author)  Acepilot427 years ago
ok well i need a cv to finish the truck then ill post
well it is kind of impossible to make a cv out of knex that will be small and compact.
aaronj (author)  Acepilot427 years ago
i just need that one to be a little more simplified, so i can understand how it stays together
hold on buddy, il post a picture within the hour!
aaronj (author)  Acepilot427 years ago
oh ok, and simple i mean the pic sucks lol
well, i used my phone to take the pic that is why it sucks.
aaronj (author)  Acepilot427 years ago
ya i get it now, just need to make a steering knuck..im kinda considering portal
axles...but i guess better put truck back together and post first before that haha
see like one end connects to the wheel and one end to the differential. i made a huge dune buggy using this dog bone design. dont mean to get off subject, but i made a two speed automatic transmission. here is a pic, of the buggy, it is a little out dated, because the pic you understood is my latest and greatest one.
is this better?
simplified?! are you crazy! this is very simple. i found a way to keep this together. add either tan gear clips or a grey one slot connector to the ends of the white rods, this will lock the dome to the cup.
Acepilot427 years ago

i just thaught of this, it worksand it only took me about 15 minutes to think and make it
lemonie7 years ago
You can use rubber-tube of the right diameter, if you can find it. So long as you don't try to transmit too much power and you keep the tube sections short.