i need help about a small mechanism?


 want to design a electromechanical mechanism which is potable and cell powered,a sensor mounted on a tiny plastic circle and the thing is  attached to a shaft end.when started the shaft is slowly thrusting until the sensor on the shaft end is touched human skin the sensor send signal back to a microchip,the chip halt  the thrusting shaft in case it squeeze the skin hard,  next the  NEEDLES around the sensor begin to work, they piercing through the skin then quickly spring out in case they cause much pain to people.

question 1:how to design the shaft thrusting mechanism?

question 2:is about the needles,how to pull them back quickly?

question 3:can it be wireless controlled?

pls help,any of ur suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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This sounds dangerous but with that aside how deep are you wanting to penatrate the skin? It sounds to me if your just wanting to break the skin you could use a tattoo gun without ink in it to cause the bleeding. If your wanting to go further into the skin I would suggest having a doctor do it. Either way it's a good way to cause an infection and I would steer clear of this. I don't know much about bloodletting for medical reasons to be effective, but they used to use leeches up to a century or so ago in medical practice. Do some research.
rickharris6 years ago
This sounds like a recipe for medical disaster as sterility is a far bigger issue than the mechanism.

Blood letting has been traditionally done for years using things as simple as a series of pins stuck through a cork to minimise the depth of penetration , or same with sharp blades.



Not the sort of thing you would want to automate.
gada888 (author) 6 years ago
it could be high risky to practice it on skin diseases and some other certain diseases ,but you see the doctors have rules,they know where the red line lies,it's not my fantasy , it's a old medical method they've been treating patients, but not done by automatic way and doctors complain about their laborious skin holing job.

i am sorry i'm not giving the explanation of 'infected blood' clearly,the mechanism is designed to assist the doctor to treat some bone related diseases . the needles are to help the impure blood and 'material' oozing out of the skin.before it the doctors must use their professional way to force the impure things come off the bone and flow close to the certain part of ur body next to skin.cause they say there is no other way to take the dirty blood out the body so...

thx for your reply,special thx to rickharris and RedneckEngineer.
76543216 years ago
As others have said, I would suggest not pursuing this endeavor.
iceng6 years ago
Sounds like torture,
What exactly does it used for ??

gada888 (author)  iceng6 years ago
not to torture someone or self-torture,just make one to end people's agony by taking their infected blood out .but i need to do it regularly.it is a good cause,pls help.
"Taking their infected blood out" -- uhm, "infected blood" is rarely an issue...
... so I think you're into the woowoo zone of pseudo-medicine. And as others have noted, puncturing the skin with anything risks _creating_ an infection.

I see no application for this device even if you could make it work -- it's overcomplicated for any legitimate use I can think of, and I can't think of any reason to puncture people "regularly".

lemonie gada8886 years ago

What particular conditions do you think this would be beneficial for?

AndyGadget6 years ago
There would always be the traditional solution to removing 'infected blood'.
THESE used to be popular a couple of hundred years ago, and their benefits are being re-discovered.

It should be unnecessary to say this, but you should really be taking the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.  There is an ENORMOUS risk of infection and making the problem infinitely worse with what you are thinking of doing.
lemonie6 years ago

Your interests are given as swimming and workout - did you miss something else out?