i need plasticine formula

i need plasticine formula

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rickharris10 days ago

Whereas I respect that english may not be your first language, "can any tell me the formulae for Plasticien " would work a lot better when your asking for a favour.

Plasticien is a trade name for a specific product als though there are a number of similar materials both commercial and home made:

Salt dough

Play dough

modeling clay


Fimo or Sculpty

You can find the formulation for plasticien easily through google.

there is even an instructable to make a similiar product


Is there are reason why you are spelling this word differently than everyone else?

I think it ends in "-cine", same as "calcine", "medicine", and "fettuccine".

Typo, your right.

As I keep telling my wife, as an engineer my spelling is bound to be lousy.

I am impressed by the consistency: three times spelled the same way. Perhaps for your style of writing, a typo is a long lasting thing, like a temporary decision was made, to keep spelling the same word the same way.

Although, I should stop picking on you, because its probably, rude.

By the way, I found those other words ending in "-cine" using a site called wordhippo.com


Also BTW and also off topic, the words, "calcine", "medicine", and "fettuccine", and "plasticine", do not rhyme, even though they end in the same four letters.