i need some help with My science fair project ?

i picked my sci project and have been working on it for 3 weeks now my subject is what habitat does basil grow the best in? my variables are 1 controll plant put in sunny area with regular amount of water 2 poluted water plant 3 LED light source and good ventilation plant 4 encanced water plant with artificial food in a dark box with a crack of light and my partner Melrose is doing what type of water do plants grow the best in types of water she is testing Tap distilled pure spring

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trf8 years ago
to be honest distilled water is not ll that good for plants. The plants dont need the water itself, they need the nutrients in the water along witht he water.
junits158 years ago
Basil grows best in the late summer to early fall, your best shot would be to try and immitate these conditions.
Goodhart8 years ago
I am a bit confused as to the designations of types of water: distilled is very pure water, so what is the difference between distilled and pure water?
albylovesscience (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
distilled is water has been boiled and the steam that is created is caught and then botttled. pureified water is water that has been reomoved of impurities by reverse osmosis,or carbon filtration, or microporous filtration, or ultrafiltration, or ultraviolet oxidation,
Oh, I just wondered why the difference in names, since, in essence both methods purify the water.
albylovesscience (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
thats what she is trying to figure out what is the difference between them
Understood :-)
orksecurity8 years ago
What kind of help do you need? Sounds to me as if you've got things reasonably well organized... though you want to be more specific about what kind of pollution. (Some things that aren't good for us are fine for plants; some things are a problem because they're _too_ good for plants and cause growth where we don't want it...) Generally, proper experimental procedure is to change only one variable at a time -- ie, if you're going to change both light and water, have one plant that changes light, one that changes water, and one that changes both. Otherwise you can't say which change caused any given result.
lemonie8 years ago
For good data you want a lot of plants, e.g. 4 in each set of conditions, and like ork says don't change more than one variable at a time.