i need the best of the best electrical projects to grab the intrest of 10th graders. any ideas?

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as part of an assighnment in one of my electronic classes, I had to teach the class how to make DC-DC HV boost converters. this was a fun project, was free to do, and everybody loved it. (10th and 11th graders) they did not connect them into a bank, and just used them to charge capacitors.
What do these 10th graders know of electronics?
Vyger6 years ago
Something involving an electric chair would probably be popular.
What level of existing knowledge do they have ?

What country are these 10th graders living in ?

Kiteman6 years ago
Are there any particular objectives, or are you just wanting to occupy them?

If the latter, try getting them to build Van Der Graaff generators.

Or you could try sitting them down with the site and asking them to choose their own circuit (if they have ownership of the choice, they are [allegedly] more likely to put the effort into things).