i need to build a tattoo gun power supply?

I have a real tattoo gun but i dont have enough money to buy the power supply so im trying to buil one . Does anybody know how? or is it even possible to do

jaytats891 year ago
ok first off its a tattoo machine, not a gun. second of all, amazon, ebay....etc yes they sell power supplies, but most of them are knock off's and suck. go with eikon monster point..etc for power supplies. as far as building one. i have built a few and they work. one is a monopoly tin, an ammo box, and im currently making one out of an antique record player. here is what you will need:

case or shell to put it all in
35ohm rheostat
2 phone jacks (like guitar amplifier inputs)
1000micF capacitor
a toggle switch
and an old input and cable from a computer for power.

feel free to hit me up on facebook for more help if needed
How much would these parts cost? Radio shak?
Nello732 years ago
Hey guys I just bought that clip on light that you connect to the tattoo machine and when I connect it the light turns on and off but the tattoo machine just kinda like clicks like if it wants to turn on but it when I disconnect the light the tattoo machine works fine.can anybody tell me what it is that im doing wrong?
youre machine is grounding out, either from the light its self or from not enough contact. when it "clicks" the armature bar im assuming is sticking to the tops of the coil cores. try taking the light back off, make sure that there is a flat washer and insulator washer on the outside and inside of the contact points. it should be in order from the outside in: screw, washer, insulator, frame, insulator, washer binding post. make sure that it is put together properly otherwise it will not work at all.
ayrtont2 years ago
Get a twelve volt a/c power supply get a regulater switch and a Jack input wire it up and put it in a box don't get a cheap power pack they are rubbish I got a proper one for 70 and it is great I have had a cheap one and they are useless if you make one right they are much better

To the guy with the light just up the volts it hapend to me
antonbergjr4 years ago
<p>i am ordering a gun off ebay and it dont come with a power supply eather and i need to make one and i dont want to fry the tattoo gun because its brand new. i herd that you can take a old at or atx power supply and convert it into a tattoo power supply like the link below but i have not tryed it yet.<br /> <br /> <br /> <a href=""></a></p>
Listen like I said up above,u can get a power supply for real cheap now.i bought mine for like 20 bucks at the even has them for cheap.the most expensive one I have I paid like 70 bucks for it and it has 4 presets to run 4 tattoo guns.check them two sites and I guarentee that you'll find one for a good price.
Nello732 years ago
Id like to add that these cheaper power supplies when they stop working is most of the time due to the power cords.if you take any power cord from a computer or laptop that fit into the power supply well chances are it will power supplys had that problem and when I hooked them up to those type of power cords,my power supplys worked fine.the computer cords are even better than the ones that come with your power supply.
Nello732 years ago
Hey listen,you can get a power supply for like 15 to 20 bucks now.i have six poxer supplies n the most expensive one I paid for cost me about 70 can check online at or check tattoo supply shops on the place ive ordered from was have everything you need to become a tattoo artist.
lemonie5 years ago
Why do people keep asking this? How is it that someone acquires a tattoo-gun without a power supply?! The phrase "have a real tattoo gun" makes me suspect thatt you don't actually. But have a look at these Instructables and see if they're any help:


well, my friend's got a nice gun but her power supply just shorted out, so.....i guess that's how it could happen lol
ColorBomb3 years ago
First off it is a machine and not a "gun". But you did not ask the question about proper tattoo terminology so I will answer you question. See the link below .
you can us a old power supply just find one thats rated for 15volts like one from a lava lamp or any kind of power adapter with a higher output then you will have to strip the wires and connect them though a potentiometer variable resistor so that you can control how much power gets to the tattoo gun you could get a power supply from lots of things like old internet routers a old gaming system lots of toys / lighting and one of my favorite's is an old style power supply from and older computer if you have a old computer laying around just pull its power supply with all the power cords connected especially the power button and main cord this should work great as long as you watch which wire you connect to so all the black wires are ground and then the thicker yellow wire's should be 12 volts and the red wire's are all 6 volts im pretty sure and its selfe cooled with a power switch and you may even be alble to just connect it strait up to the 12 volts and get it to run but then theri is no variable speed control and i can not guarantee it is enough amps but it should run it also it does not matter which set of power wires you use any of them that has the white clear plastic cover that you plug into any drive for power are all connected to the same power sources and you will know if you pull to much power as long as you turn on the power supply switch and wait till the colling fan is running constantly before you connect the tattoo gun if you over power it it will surge and throw the internal breaker if it runs and only cuts off every so often you should be ok just to turn it off for a minute and back on to reset it and if it does it a whole lot you may need to add and OPP-AMP inline also let me know if this helps and if your in Dayton Ohio i could sell you a good working tattoo power supply for a good price i have a great working old school style withe clips pedal and all shoot me an email and let me know if you have any questions at also check out this links may help you dont have to build everything theri showing just cut and strip the ground and yellow and red wires so you can test to see which one works for your needs you can add better connectors latter and porbably get a clip cord connector at radioshack ive also included a picture of the wire voltages The color code for the wires is: Red = +5V, Black = Ground (0V), White = -5V, Yellow = +12V, Blue = -12V, Orange = +3.3V, Purple = +5V Standby (not used), Gray = power is on (output), and Green = Turn DC on (input). you need the positive 12 volts minimum

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