i need to glue aluminum foil to presswood. ..what glue should i use?

i need to glue aluminum foil to presswood. ..what glue should i use?

Look at the site It's a compendium of the best glues for sticking any one thing to any other thing. Good luck!
jeff-o3 years ago
Use the strongest spray-on adhesive you can find. Spray it on the wood, then unroll the aluminum foil onto the wood directly from the roll to avoid kinks and bubbles.
Burf3 years ago
I've used spray on adhesive to glue foil to cardboard and it works well but its a little tricky getting the foil on smoothly, without wrinkles. I found its easier to do if you have one person lay the foil while another smoothes it down.
You can get spray on adhesive at most craft stores and hardware stores.
Rubber cement might work ok. Aluminum tends to be kind of a non stick surface, but it should hold it in place well.

I don't know what your application is, but if you just need a thin layer of aluminum over a small area, you could just use aluminum foil tape. This is typically sold in hardware stores in the department where ductwork is used, and it is used to seal ductwork. (but don't confuse it with "duck tape". The stuff I am referring to is actually made of aluminum)
rickharris3 years ago
Get a can of spray mount. May not be waterproof. Not much will glue Ally foil perminantly
ARJOON3 years ago
i used rice as glue. however it is no weatherproof
Vyger3 years ago
Contact cement might work pretty good. But you can't reposition it. Since its just foil there will probably be enough grip to hold it.
Trial and error. Aluminum Tape that is used for sealing ducts is basically a double stick tape with aluminum foil on it. Carpet tape might work too but it will add thickness. Contact cement dries up even more over time and actually continues to draw surfaces together. You will probably need the solvent based type and not the water base. Water would just bead up.

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