i need to hack my step dads pc as i think he is cheating on my mom. i really need help some help

 He has a laptop with wireless connection and a gmail account.

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MattH2101 year ago

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paganwonder7 years ago
Talk to your Mom about your concerns- let her take the lead.  Invading your step dad's privacy (even if it is for a good reason) could be truely devastating to everyone concerned, no matter the outcome.

You seem well intentioned but what you are wanting to do will only lead to heartache for everyone including you.

If there is a danger of abuse because of this go to your school counselor- they are required by law to protect you.

I'm sorry that you are going thru this.
Z..7 years ago
I'm so sorry about this. particularly if it is true. Your need to protect your mother is naturally strong.

But you could get seriously offside with both of them. True or not true, your s/f could use this against you if you are discovered. Your mom might get to hear something she did not want to know.

As OS said, find someone you can trust,-talk to them about this.

Be there for your mom. And it will do no harm to be a little more vigilant  about your s/f's movements. If you are right it is likely his cell phone is the likely instrument of communication.

Step-fathers can be really good. Mine set a far better example for me than my own father. I respected him immensely.
orksecurity7 years ago
Better answer may be to go to a long-time family friend -- someone whom you trust won't gossip -- and tell them you're concerned, but that you realize you may be wrong and don't want to bother your mom about it unless it's real. They can help you sanity-check what you think you're seeing and tell you whether you're making sense or just letting lingering resentment about the guy color your judgement.

(I have a step-father myself. I _really_ didn't like him for about the first decade. He turned out to be a decent guy overall, once I got over feeling that he was intruding into _my_ life. He isn't someone I'd have chosen for a step-father, or necessarily for a close friend -- but I can deal with him, and he makes Mom happy, and that's acceptable.)
One other point : If he is cheating, there will almost certainly NOT be evidence on his PC. Getting yourself into trouble for no gain is NOT a good strategy.

It's an adult issue. Hand it over to adults.
Burf7 years ago
My advice is probably not what you want . Go  and talk to your mother about it. Let her decide how to proceed on the matter.
I don't see you being able to accomplish anything other than mucking things up.
What if you're wrong and misinterpret what you find. If you're right, then what? If you get caught, and if you don't know what you are doing, thats entirely likely, then your butt is hanging in the wind.
Do yourself and your mother a favor, talk to her.
If you can use his laptop for a few minutes Enable File sharing over the wireless and go on your pc making sure you  have the same Sharing name (usually MSHOME or WORKGROUP) you should be able to look in his files if you cant try going to his C:// Drive and Their shoyuld be a share over network option.

Thats all i can point you to as the other hacking i know would be very illegal
That's also technically illegal too,since it isn't being done by consent.

I suppose thats true . But  if you were caught It wouldnt be seen as Black Hat Hacking etc . So i suppose its better than putting a Big virus or  a keylogger
lemonie7 years ago
Can't you guess/elucidate his Gmail password?