i need to know how to make a wax bullet any one got any ideAS?


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BlueOx865 years ago
This is much simpler than you think, wax is very easy to work with no mold needed. I have two methods that are much easier; "the easy way," and "my way."

The easy way: (I've never even done this but I'm sure it will work) Melt parafin wax in a toaster oven, let cool till semi-solid, use empty cases (primers removed) like cookie cutters, have your casings ready because you'll have to do it quickly before it cools too much, the only thing you'll have to figure out for yourself is when it has reached the desired consistency, through trial and error you'll get it, just keep testing, I imagine it will be ready when it reaches a nearly solid state, I'd say the texture of bubble gum that's been chewed for a while. Quickly shove a bunch of cases into it and let them cool. Actually, a good thing to do to the cases before all this would be to take a cotton swab and dip it in vegeteble oil or put a tiny bit of petroleum jelly on it, and swab inside the mouths of the cases. Just a little lubrication should be enough for you to blow them out of thier cases once completely cool, if they give you trouble hold the case horizontally and slam it onto a hard surface to jar it loose and try again. just dont slam it hard enough to dent the case... a light slam I guess... I can't imagine that wouldn't be enough to get it out, because the wax should have reduced in diameter just a little, now that it has fully cooled.

My way: -- I do not suggest that anyone do this, as I may have an unrealistic sense of safety when holding a lighter to a small explosive device. -- I use a reduced amount of powder in my wax .45 colt rounds, as I do not want the wax to fragment upon firing. I use about 1/2 the normal amount I use for lead. I stand the case with primer and powder on its tail on a level piece of cardboard on a level table. Then I start pulling fibers from a cotton ball, just a few at a time, I really take my time and try to separate those fibers as much as I can (believe me, it makes a difference), once I've got a nice fluffy ball 50 or 60 percent larger in diameter than the case I shove it in and lighty tamp it down with a primer tool (an unsharpened pencil or the head of a nail will work), then I hold a block of parafin wax at an angle with the lowest corner at the mouth of the case, hold a lighter to it just above the case and drip the wax into it till it's full and bubbled over from surface tension (usually four drops after it's level with the mouth of the case). I let it cool for about five minutes... it is now a hollow point, but shouldn't be fired like this because it could fragment before it hits its intended target. I run the lighter around the mouth of the case just enough to melt the hollowpoint flat (or mostly flat) again and quickly fill it up again doing the four drops to top it off again. Melting the point before adding more wax is very important, because dropping hot wax on cool wax results in a weak bond. I repeat this one more time and end up with a perfect "button-nosed" wax bullet every time. I believe this will be the more accurate and more consistent wax bullet, because it's perfectly sized to the bore every time. I've done many tests and have incredible groups with clear rifling marks on every bullet I've retrieved. It's slow and tedious, but it's worth it for a top quality wax bullet. -- if you try this method know the dangers, if you are careless you could shoot molten wax under your eyelids and up your nose. -- Enjoy
skunkbait8 years ago
You can make a plaster mold of an existing bullet. You could also easily make a lead mold (but be careful). It's important to make the mold seperable, so you can get your bullet out. I've even used potatoes, with holes drilled to the appropropriate size for molding lead bullets. Also, you can bolt two hard pieces of wood together and drill a (bullet sized) hole on their seem. Pour your hot wax in the hole, and when it dries, unbolt the wood. the bullet should fall right out. Candle wax would probably work a little. Just heat and pour into your mold. Be careful how you store your wax bullets though. Significant heat will mis-shape them.
sharlston (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
how do i make a plaster mold? would i grease the bullet so it comes out of the plaster easy?
Yeah, i'd grease it. Or maybe wrap it tightly in wax paper. I'm not really a plaster guy. My wife is the plaster expert. If you have a real specific question, I can ask her for you.
sharlston (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
well if you dont mind would i be able to make the mold in filler like make 2 split molds becuase u was thinking the bullet might sink into the liquid
Yeah, I'd go with the 2-peice mold. The liquid method is a fun thing to play with, but I've never had much luck at it.
sharlston (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
ok what do you think about making a mold with playdough
It couldn't hurt. I'd give it a try.
sharlston (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
ive used little jenga blocks with 2 bolts and used bigger pieces of wood with a door hinge
That sounds good. I had some other hardwood (bigger than a Jenga block) handy, and was able to make six .44 bullets at once.
sharlston (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
you was saying about using potatoes how does that work?
Just drill a shallow hole of the correct diameter in a potatoe. Pour in hot lead (or wax). When the lead (wax) cools and hardens, just dig the pellet (or bullet) out of the potatoe.
sharlston (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
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