i need to make a metal ball mold for melted aluminum

steel needs to be used and it needs to be able to be taken apart with ease the mold not the ball

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Turning hollow hemispheres is not an amateur job. It either needs a CNC machine, or a "spherical turning attachment" Steve
He doesn't actually say a hollow ball and as I said get someone to do it for you. Casting a ball isn't for the beginner either.
Can't see how he can cast a ball, except in a hollow one.
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lemonie7 years ago

For good balls you'll probably need an injection-moulding machine (beyond your reach/budget).

rickharris7 years ago
Not going to be cheap or easy. Depending on the accuracy you require and the number of balls needed and the size and if they are to be hollow it may be best to turn them on a lathe or get someone to do it for you. As for casting - the process you describe - steel mould for casting aluminium is called die casting and requires a substantial machine to do properly. Sand casting as said may be your best home option.
seandogue7 years ago
you;ll need to mill a two part, hemispheric mold then, and make sure to pre-heat the bold prior to pour
Why ? Why not just sandcast it in the traditional way ?