i need to make something that looks like golden syrup for an artwork but will last a long time? any suggestions.?

 like i said need something that looks like a golden syrup or liquid but won't dry out, mold etc, will last long time. can be made from anything.....

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rayorama (author) 8 years ago
 thanks everyone for your suggestions. honey wouldn't of worked unfortunately,
it will start to crystalize after a while. i tried shellack but ended up just using clear glue over it which also has a really cool bubble effect, worked really well not quite like syrup but looks great.
but thanks again for all the suggestions, very helpful!
Prfesser8 years ago
Pitch, used for polishing telescope mirrors, is golden-colored and translucent.  Melts below the boiling point of water.  Sticky as anything until it has cooled and hardened.
Mine is solid black ? Are you thinking of Balsam ?
What he's describing sounds like resin to me.
Yes, I think you're right - the stuff you glue optics together with ? 
Hmm, I've never glued optics together, so I'm not sure. I've used it inmaking a necklace out of a black widow spider.
iPodGuy8 years ago
Honey will do all of those things.
The simple answer is Honey.  It will not rot or mold, it was even found in King Tut's tomb ina jar and was still edible.  I would have hated to be the guy thathad tested it just on princible but it was before my time.
That's 5 points for the Redneck team and 3 points for the other guys.You're definitely winning now, dawg!
He's right.
seandogue8 years ago
Linseed oil with a bit of stain. Will last for years if kept closed fromthe air. Will remain liquid.

If this is to be open to air or needs to have more solid properties. I'dsuggest tinted silicone, although it may require heating to cure. How doyou tint it?...not sure, but at a guess it's just a matter of finding anappropriate stain for use with silicone and mixing thoroughly.

liquid acrylic or polystyrene can also be used if you need a hard solid.Tinting is again an issue of finding the correct material, and it willoften be easiest to ask the distributor or mfg for info on tinting.
Re-design8 years ago
Tinted epoxy.
Maybe even un-tinted; most epoxies are somewhat yellowish.
lemonie8 years ago
Won't dry out. Heavy lubricating oil? See what you can find in a car-engine-oil retail section.<br /><br />L<br />
Coloured polyester resin ?