i published a slideshow today, but when i search for it, it doesnt appear. what's up with that?

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It's out there. Two identical ones, as a matter of fact.
That's gonna cut the view counts in half.
I dunno... I looked at both of them based solely on the "These can't really be identical, can they?" factor.
Seleziona7 years ago
Might take a while to get through the filters or whatever.
stale567 years ago
It may take a while to get published, maybe about a day.
lemonie7 years ago
So you posted it a second time?
Things tagged with certain words are held for a real person to check, just in case they're unsuitable. Give it until Monday, or delete both and start again with these tags:
knex , offbeat , model,
When it shows up edit it with the tags you want.