i start my asus laptop goes rite to a password it is not the login screen comes up b4 i can even get into bios?

someone has played a cruel joke on me and i cant get into my asus x54c windows 7 laptop. when i turn laptop on it starts and goes right to a password which i never entered. I cant even reach the bios to go in and change anything so windows password recovery wont work for me and i cant change any of the boot devices. Any suggestions?

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seandogue2 years ago

Apparently, someone set your admin boot password. If you own the machine, you might be able to get assistance from ASUS.

avryhof2 years ago

You might be able to clear it by disconnecting the CMOS Battery


If that doesn't work, you will need to call ASUS.


Vyger avryhof2 years ago

That used to be true but most of the new BIOS use flash memory like that of a USB drive and disconnecting the power to them will have no effect.

Vyger2 years ago

BIOS passwords and windows passwords are completely different. Having a BIOS password will not let you boot into windows.

I think what you are saying is that somebody set a password in the BIOS and it will not go past that and boot to Windows. You can clear a BIOS password. You need to do a search for your specific model since they are not all cleared the same way. Search for something like "clearing BIOS password for ------" with your model number. You may have to remove the keyboard and change a jumper on the inside. That is the usual way now. There is a jumper somewhere on the board that is for resetting the BIOS password. You have to follow the directions to reset it.

I am assuming that you are being truthful and that this actually is your computer and not someone elses that you are trying to get into. Since the BIOS password can be set by anyone getting into the BIOS if it doesn't already have one I tend to believe your story.

MikeR32 years ago

If F2 doesn't get you into the BIOS, your BIOS has been corrupted.

MikeR32 years ago

You should be able to F2 into the BIOS at boot, and check under "Security" for any passwords. I can't recall if any stored passwords are shown here, but for each one, clear out the fields and don't forget to SAVE and Exit.