i want 2 make a project by using ic 741.. coz it is given by our colg... plz help me...?

project shud nt b complicated n expensive....

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Does your keyboard charge you per letter ? 
It's kind of like the divorce settlement between the Irish and the Welsh languages - the irish got all the vowels and the Welsh got all the consonants. 
I'll remember that one!

AndyGadget7 years ago
As the others said, the 741 is a chip which has been around for donkeys' years and can be used in an incredibly wide variety of ways.  Search for 741 circuits and you will have too many to choose from.

On a different matter, THIS Instructable may be of use to you.  It's how to repair a computer keyboard.  Yours appears to be giving you trouble.

IIRC, the 741 was designed by a Yorkshire man....

Would that make it an ey-op-amp?
The difference between the 741 and the earlier LM101 was the fabrication of an additional cap on the chip . . .
You ARE on good form tonight.
<desperately tries to think of a way to amplify a keyboard>
jeff-o7 years ago
There are probably hundreds of thousands of projects that use this IC.  Perhaps you could look at the IC's datasheet, it will have a few basic circuits for you to wire up.
The 741 is one of the oldest and simplest Operational amplifiers ever made. Just look for an example of an inverting amplifier and a non-inverting amplfier. Build them on the same board, so they share a single input and demonstrate the properties.