i want a machine to make a guy invisible.

.ok guys my brother is a film maker and is working on a sci fi movie in which a guy is turned invisible by some nasty russian made device the device is a prop (of course!!) but i want it to look the business. im thinking steel box, big lights cyryllic warnings..big buttons..a launch style key....any more ideas :)? id like it to do stuff if i could
ive seen one or two doomsday devices on the net.not bad, but..........
.but im thinking about briefcase size...maybe with an osciliscope in the lid..i dunno...help me o oracles of the weird

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All the best sci-fi gizmos have blinky lights. Maybe a row of LEDs that light up to show the machine powering up and then flash and go out as the weapon discharges?
maninamousesuit (author)  CatTrampoline5 years ago
thats good...maybe we foley in a sound and a higer pitch one as each led lights up....hmmmm
Kiteman5 years ago
A couple of big copper electrodes for him to hold onto and shudder whilst turning invisible?

maninamousesuit (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
hey kiteman i like that. on big red cables coiling back to a metal box with the big red button and a key switch maybe....hmmmm
iceng5 years ago
As electronics shrinks into clothes you wear it can present the image
that someone could see without you being there.

Kiteman5 years ago
You can actually make a cabinet that will make your subject seem to disappear.

They stand behind a sheet of glass at 45 degrees across inside the box - slowly dim the lights on the person's side of the glass, and brighten them on the audience's side, and the subject fades from view, then ducks out of a trapdoor in the back.

Google for "Pepper's Ghost".