i want a simple way to store solar energy?

i want a simple way to store solar energy

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luxstar5 years ago
You can be up and running for under $200 with an off the shelf RV kit: http://www.ul-solar.com/category_s/79.htm

Kiteman8 years ago
Wood. Sugar. Charcoal. In fact, any plant-based material is a good store of solar energy. How you release it is up to you.
Bravo kiteman! I was trying to explain chlorophyl in my head the other day when I answered this question... but my lateral thinking dohicky was on the fritz. Kudos.
It doesn't get much simpler than connecting a solar panel to a charge controller and that to the battery. If you mean "simple" as a synonym for "cheap," you might consider that if it was cheap, everyone would have photovoltaics on their roof.
Indeed Guardian - I'm in the midst of making a business plan for selling and installing PV/alternative energy - its bleak. ROI right now, best case scenario where I am with no net metering - 60 years for PV, 15 years for solar heating.