i want some topics for my physics project at 10th level????suggest me ??? please offer its procedure also???

i want project related to electricity

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There are many good ideas in Make Magazine, www.makezine.com
cvianna16 years ago
A great experiment for physics that is easy... is to use various fruits and vegetables to create electricity. Try using a lemon, potato, onion, hot dog ..... insert a piece of dissimilar metal on each end to act as an annode and cathode (like a small nail and a brass brat or thumbtack) then measure the amount of voltage each produces with a multi-meter. What makes some produce more voltage than others?
Van de graph generator, if your any good with circuits a jacobs ladder, as iloveairsoftstuff says a coilgun is good, you should check out this site if anything there interests you.
a coilgun is a great project. it is relativly simple, basically free, and very fun to build and shoot.
I dunno. Maybe you could build an electric motor, or a motor driven backwards as a generator, or an oscilliscope from an old CRT, or a device that turns light signals into sound, or  something like that.
rickharris6 years ago
Your question is too vague I suggest you read this.