i want to build a phono audio splitter can someone help me please?

i am looking to bulid a audio splitter box to use with my tv, ipod and laptop. that will be capable of transmiting sound singals out to a headset a suraound sound system and another speaker. i have designed a diagram but need some help. please my someone help me?

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astroboy9075 years ago
Like This?
acollin1 (author)  astroboy9075 years ago
surly using things like that is going to cause interference? i have a 2 way one of them and it is extremely poor sound quality :/
iceng5 years ago
You can buy splitters.

thegeeke iceng5 years ago
Like a 3 way splitter (see my comment) and an 3.5mm to RCA audio jack and whatever else needs to go to the other speaker? just making sure Im reading your comment right
Nice find of a 3way split.   Can also be done with two 2way splinters  ..  .  .  A.