i want to build working model of robot, i dnt hav any idea abt its techlgy,can u all help?


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Learn to spell, and try Google.
Isn't a working model of a robot, a robot?
I'd say so, but which one...?

hey,lemonie i wanna make a light sensor robo........plz help me i don't know anything abt it..........
I've not built one, but other people have.
Here's one -pretty simple.
And a different one.


caarntedd7 years ago
A working model of a robot isn't a robot, it's a rbt. steveastrouk and Re-design are right, try Google ( that's Ggl).
jeff-o7 years ago
I suggest starting with a kit.  The MakerShed is a good place to get one, but you could make a robot out of LEGO if you wanted to.
Re-design7 years ago
Trying to tell all about the technology of a robot in an answer forum like this is impossible.  Google "diy robot" and do some research on your own.  Then figure out what you can build with the money you have and the parts you can get.