i want to built sola car of maximum efficiency,

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bassbindevil4 months ago

How about an ebike towing a long skinny trailer covered with PV panels?

-max-5 months ago

Assuming you mean solar car. I could give you lots of advice on how and where to start, (given I am actually working on one w/ a team at UVa at the moment) but frankly given the level of effort into the question, I don't think it's worth it. Any specifics you would like to know?

Downunder35m5 months ago

Noone is stopping you.....
But I am a bit curious:
My car runs on diesel, my friends car on petrol.
I have heard and seen hybrid cars and even one running on pedal power.
But so far I have not seen a car running on sola - can you explain?

Turns out there is a cult based in Washington that calls itself Sola. Pretty creepy stuff from what I saw on the web site. A new version of hippy communes perhaps . While I don't think it would run a car they probably would be happy to take yours from you.

Yes a "sola" is a resonating constant voltage output transformer.

Ahh, my bad!
Thanks for clearing that up, makes much more sense now.
For a moment I thought it might just be typo of SOLAR....

Vyger5 months ago

I want to build a sola powered cat. Runs only in the day time. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get a cat to run on batteries instead of chicken. Now that is a chalenge!

iceng5 months ago

Then you want to use the solar cells that are a combined visible light and IR light breaking the 13% efficiency barrier..

But What is Your Skill Set ?
rickharris5 months ago

Not neough information