i want to learn how to crochet?

i want to learn how to crochet?

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Kiteman8 years ago
On Kitewife's behalf:

The best way to learn to crochet is to be taught it in person. If you don't have a friend or relative who can already crochet (grandmother? elderly aunt?), then visit a locally-run wool (yarn) shop and ask for a quick lesson - they will happily help create a new customer.

Alternatively, look out for posters or notices advertising Knit'n'natter or Stitch'n'bitch events - the regulars are often keen to share their skills.
littleberry7 years ago
Hi! Lion Brand Yarn's site (http://lionbrand.com) actually has a really good set of tutorials for earning to knit and to crochet. I managed to finally learn to knit via their instructions after struggling with it for years. I'm actually a self-taught crocheter--I first learned by studying my grandmother's old crochet books. I did find one book some years ago called Crochet Your Way. Best crochet instruction book ever. It includes illustrations for each of the stitches for both left and right hand crocheters. Also included are the international stitch symbols and how to interpret charts using said symbols. The book has a lot of really helpful information. I highly recommend it. Good luck!
jeff-o8 years ago
Do you know anyone who knows how to crochet? That's the best way to learn. But, there are plenty of Instructables and videos elsewhere on the web that you can view for free. You could also borrow books from the library.
stdugan (author)  jeff-o8 years ago
thanks for the information and suggestion. Sarah
Re-design8 years ago
Try this link to get an idea of what to do -

THen go to the "crochet" store and tell them that you are a beginner and they will help you get the stuff you need for your first project.

They probably even have a class for beginners.

Good luck.
stdugan (author)  Re-design8 years ago
thanks for the information and suggestion. Sarah
frollard8 years ago
you do? search on this website! 'crochet' tada!
stdugan (author)  frollard8 years ago
thanks for the information and suggestion. Sarah