i want to make a aisoft fort

i want to make a airsoft fort but i am not very good at tools like nails and hammers (long story) can u help with this very hard to answer question?

acidbass7 years ago
find a sturdy tree then see if you can use some boards between 2 branches to make a platform (no nailing) and then you could use a fridge box and put that on the platform and spray paint it so it fits in with the surroundings p.s. use as many boards as possible for the platform or you will end up getting hurt
onrust7 years ago
Yes, trees are a fast and simple answer. Run a rope between 2 trees and toss a large sheet over it. Simple, fast, and very mobile.
RelientOwl7 years ago
Or maybe even somethings like this...https://www.instructables.com/id/Camo-Sniper-bunkerfoxhole/
RelientOwl7 years ago
If you have any trees just use those as a stands for your fort.... or cardboard...