i want to make a chainmail hackysack but im still alittle confused on step 3.

what material can i use on the inside and where can i buy the rings locally, and step 3 is a little cnfusing can u make it easier for me . i really want to make a chainmail hacky ack

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Brother_D8 years ago
Well, you can use Airsoft BB's for the inside, and I don't believe you can buy chainmail locally, unless you want to link paperclips together or something.
martin8510 (author)  Brother_D8 years ago
hey thanx, have u made one before and if so give me some ideas on how to make it .
I haven't made one before. Sorry.
I have made one of these before and I also was somewhat confused on step 3. I figured it out though and when I was done I filled it with triangle like beads which seemed to work really well. I will post a picture of step # when I make another one.
vardamanj6 years ago
Forgot to add picture.
juggle ball 2.JPG
vardamanj6 years ago
I use a different method to make this sack. I usually make them as juggling balls set. and I make them with Aluminum rings, but lately I have been asked to make them as hacky sack ( by my son ) and I plan on using Stainless Steel. SS will be more durable and also nice and shiny if kept clean and played with on a regular basis. I will see if I got time to put one together and take pic's and put an instructable together tonight.
DIYerr8 years ago
On step three, all you have to do is join together the sides of the triangles by continuing the weave. It is the same thing as joining ends of a sheet to each other. When you are doing it, try to ignore the sheet part you made in step one and just focus on the edges of the triangle. For the inside, if you use folded cloth, it holds its shape very well. As for the rings, you can buy hardware store wire and make your own rings, or simply buy the rings online. I buy rings from theringlord.com.