i want to make a coconut plucking machine for tall coconut trees?

its very difficult to pluck coconut from some trees as tey are tall so anything to make my work easier wud help a great deal

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AndyGadget7 years ago
In some countries they use an organic solution to this problem.  A trained monkey climbs of the tree and dislodges the nut.  Would that be an option where you live?
cannot be risk to the human and animals life.Thats why the machine is the best option to pluck the coconuts.k
Everything has a risk assiciated with it, and I would suggest the risk attendant on sending a monkey up a tree (as has been done for generations) is a lot less than a home-made contraption 30 feet above your head.
(Unless it's a rabid monkey, of course #;¬) 
Burf7 years ago
You need the Burf-O-Vator 9000.  Plans or complete kits are available for a low. low price. Just Google Burf-O-Vator 9000.

Burfovator. 9000.PNG
skumar44 Burf6 years ago
hi this is sateesh kumar,i need this product.but i want the estimated cost of this product.and where its available.can u please tell me.
Does this come in black? Maybe with a flame job?
Check out our upgraded Burf-O-Vator 9017c kit. It comes with a complete custom color kit, integral floor mats and an inclined treadmill for those amongst us concerned with our cardio-vascular conditioning. 
Jayefuu Burf7 years ago
Personally I'm not a fan of the AT-AT base, I'd much rather have my coconut picker mounted on a death star, the AT-AT sinks into the sand far too much and doesn't cope well with monsoons. When will the death star mounted model be available for beta testing?
tamilvivek7 years ago
Hello sir, i have devoloped this machine ...it can reach upto whatever height we need.. you can contact me @+919789121420 for further details
You could chuck rocks or sticks at them, like when kids collect conkers...

Other ideas:
Throw a rope loop up high in the tree and shake it
Ram the tree with a car (ill advised at best)
Get a rake and give it an extra long handle
Make a human pyramid
Sneak up on the tree when it's asleep (everyone knows they sleep lying on the ground when noones around)
Use a sling-belt-thing to climb the tree
Re-design7 years ago
Look into the same type vibrator they use to harvest pecans.  A largish tractor backs up to the tree and grabs it about 8' off the ground that the the vibrator shakes the dickens out of it and all the ripe pecans fall off.  Something like that might work if you find the Burf-O-Vator 9000 too expensive or hard to get.
...or too badly photoshopped :p
Burf Jayefuu7 years ago
Hey! I spent upwards of 10 minutes composing that masterpiece. lol
Jayefuu Burf7 years ago
Alright! I'm Fn sorry!
J@50n7 years ago
 like this :www.instructables.com/id/Papaya-Picker/ but bigger??