i want to make a digital speedometer... What would i need to make it myself ?

I want to make my own digital speedometer for my Suzuki Gs150. I could search the market and buy one but want to make this myself since i think dere's not too much required plus i should know how to. Just for the sake of doing something to upgrade my ride. Would like to add, Any help would be great, As i am eager to learn since i have alot of projects forthcoming, doing my industrial design.

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Ritoaniajin5 years ago
Did you make any progress??
If so please keep us posted ;)
rghosh16 years ago
guys when you are unaware of the technology dont misguide anyone else..stop giving bullshit ideas...
Oh what an idea! Amazing! :@
shad0w887 years ago
The Suzuki GS150 like my SS100 has an analog cable drive speedometer, the way it works is; as the wheel moves the cable rotates unwinding a spring in the speedometer, whilst most modern speedometers use a Vehicle Speed Sensor using a combination of magnet-coil or rotary encoders. We need to convert the rotation of the wheel into a voltage which can then be used by a digital speedometer circuit which uses the voltage as input. As alex mentioned a god way of doing this would be to attach a a motor which generates a pulse. I'm researching it though if anybody has any helpful links pls post. Thanx
buy one take off the plastic and say you made it cost = $9
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
if you're going to make a digital speedometer, you will probably need to program a chip. another way i think you can do this, is if you get a generator and mount to to spin when you ride your bike. then attach a multimeter, the faster the motor spins, the higher the voltage the problem is that you will need to callibrate the voltage of the multimeter to the speed of your bike