i want to password protect my usb on my mac but the only software i have is for windows programming so what do i do?

i have a usb right and i have some security software on it but don't want to get some new software because i still use the windows as well so what can i do. if any one has any free software i can just throw on my 4 gig it will be appreciated i still have roughly 3.8 gig room left.

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glee174 years ago
it is different on mac. you just find another software to fix your problem on mac; more detail guide will give you more help http://www.yourmacteacher.com/password-protect-a-usb-memory-stick-with-mountain-lion/
Burf6 years ago
I use TruCrypt on my flash drives and it works well. It is a free encryption program for Windows, Macs and Linux. You can find a tutorial and link for the download HERE


daniel123456789 (author)  Burf6 years ago
well it looks like this should be THE one i will use it sounds great.
frollard Burf6 years ago
+1 billion.

It's more secure becuase its more open - they use a standard that nobody has been able to break yet simply by its key complexity and inability to be brute forced, and no known workarounds.
+2 billion

We often manage personal client information on our workstations and external drives and truecrypt has been great... we have been using it for years now... we have also had workmates lose their usb drives - so v.handy. Truecrypt also offers hidden volumes which can add an extra level to your security too.