i want to power a 3 raspbery pi zero from ATX power supply can i ?

Hello guys, i hope everyone doing good,
I have this question, i want to power up a raspberry pi zero from ATX power supply (standerd power supply for computer)
i have search online for answer but, i don't have clear vision, someone told me to power the raspberry from the purple wire (5V 2A)
but i want to power more than one pi,
so should i go with red wire ?
red wire (5v 30amps), will the 30 amps kill my raspberry ?
or the pi will just take 1 or 2 amps from the 30amps ?
what should i do ?

and sorry for my poor english, god bless you all.

You might need to check first how to use the ATX as a normal power supply.
Ususally you need to add some ballast like a break light to the 5V rail, otherwise the power supply won't turn on.
Apart from that there should be no problems for your PI.

MohdT15 (author)  Downunder35m1 month ago

thank you sir for you replay, i have this power supply, and i mode it like this,

the red wire 5 volt

the yellow 12 volt

and orange 3.3 volt

so i have to add a break light to red wire [5v] to make it awake and runnig

then i have to use another 5 volt wire to power up the raspberry, right ?


thnkyou moh tod is a good answer

The supply will work, the Pi will draw only what it needs, providing you keep the input voltage correct.