i want to use 4 ring magnet from bigger speaker to make my own 1000 watt dc motor, is it possible?

like as forklift motor

rickharris3 years ago

IMHO Almost certainly not powerful enough.

The magnets in large DC motors are so powerful if you stick one to the garage door you can't pull it off with your hands. (don't ask)

A picture is worth a thousand words ;-)

iceng3 years ago

And if the rings are, as I suspect, radially magnetized you won't be able to make it a rotary motion machine.

Just a Push / Pull sucker.

You can use the rings to make a motor. How powerful that motor will be will depend on the power of the magnets and the gauge wire and number of turns you use per coil. Lots of math involbved with designing your own motor. Good luck with it.