i want to use the same preamp circuit of the '65 fender twin reverb - where are the schematics for the twin?

Here's another site with the Alembic Preamp as a project. http://moosapotamus.net/IDEAS/F2B/alembic.htm

FWIW, the Alembic F2B sells for around $1350. One can be built for a LOT less.

Here's another project site with a Fender preamp (no power supply) circuit board. http://www7.taosnet.com/f10/fender_pre.htm

Go to this site... http://www.geofex.com/ and scroll down to the 7/30/02 project titled, "By request - schematic for the Alembic F-2B tube preamp."

This is a schematic for a famous Alembic preamp (one channel) which was the preamp of a Twin Reverb (without the reverb or vibrato) designed for Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

This can be built fairly easily. The transformer is a Stancor with 120v primary and 120v and 6.3v secondary. The diodes and first two filter caps make a voltage doubler which raises the voltage to around 240volts.

On the internet there are projects for this amp. Email me at dbamplification@yahoo.com if you need help.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
ok, glad to help but more info is required, like links to what you want to do maybe a schematic for the 'reverb' and the pre-amp?
gmoon8 years ago
Either the Schematic Heaven Fender section, or look to the Fender Amp Guide.

The Fender Amp Guide is a "repackaging" of a guide authored by commercial amplifier parts supplier that went by-by recently.