i want want programme to send sensed parameter to cloud by using ardiuno with interfacing esp8266 wifi model plz

send data like temp. ,air ,humidity parameters which are sensed by sensor by using ardiuno interfacing with esp8266 wifi model 

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And what would be the problem or question?

sachinpatil (author)  Downunder35m1 month ago

sir actually i m working on my final year project where i m using iot for sending info of sensed parameter to cloud by using arduino but i m not too familiar with ardiuno so i required programming to send my data to cloud

That's why its YOUR final year project, not ours. Asking for a solution from us is cheating. Your hob is to BECOME familiar with arduino programming, so you can accomplish the task.

Not the best student if he struggles without cheating..

Good, well you have a identified the hardware, all you need to do is the software.