iGoogle is changing. What should I do??

What does it mean when I log onto Google and it says I have XX days before they are going away?  What am I loosing?  Does it really matter?  What should I do?   Please speak novice because I don't know what you know.  Thanks.

learn to live with it.
in truth they are probably just going to change it.
bwrussell4 years ago
Check out the chrome extension/app catalog for ones that make use of the blank new tab, there are alternatives. I have one at home, I'll try to remember to post it when I get back.
g-one4 years ago
iGoogle will be dicontinued (which is known for more than a year btw). If you like you can choose an alternative. E.g. netvibes, protopage, or igHome.
fisch4 years ago
Google announced that iGoogle would be shutting down a year or so ago, I think, and now it's finally upon us. I've been using uStart.org as a replacement - not quite as polished, but the one that best suits my needs.