iPad ambient light sensor a camera?

is it possible that the iPad's "ambient light sensor" is really a camera and the camera will be activated in a software update (like the iPod touch (2nd gen) with the Bluetooth introduction in OS 3.0)? 

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NatNoBrains6 years ago
Really, really doubt it...
If you go to settings then brightness it says auto adjust brightness. So it is an ambient light sensor.
dog digger6 years ago
no, it's not. it might be a light dependent resistor, an electronic component
Kiteman6 years ago
I doubt it, but the iPad2 is rumoured to be going to have 2 cameras to allow video calls like the iTouch does.
It might have a 7 inch screen too! Maybe I can get it! *Crosses fingers and looks to sky*
I read 10"
where from? 10'' is bigger than the screen now.
Oh, I Google Ipad 2 and almost everything says it will have a 7 inch screen. I guess we'll have to find out!
seandogue6 years ago
To the best of my knowledge, all the cell phones that use light sensing use the camera for that purpose. I have a little app on my android that (surprisingly ) accurately measures heart rate by using the flash and camera to measure deviations in light intensity when holding ones' finger over the light source and camera lens. The camera is also used to determine screen intensity when "auto" mode is selected.