iPhone App Selling Prices?

What is the best price to sell an RSS based search engine app on the app store (Apple inc.)?
Also, what apps do people need most (besides games)

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Dr. Pepper6 years ago
99 cents is good. You can go free some days to show people what it's like. If it's good you can raise the price.
but that also might pose a problem. I think it would be good to have a lite version instead of freebies. if you do too many freebies then users might potentially wait for another freebie. I know because there have been a few apps i have missed out on freebies that i wanted. i waited a while and i think they went free again (or at least heavily on sale) but yes, 99c and raising the price seems ok.
Thanks, I meant to say lite version.
Kiteman6 years ago
My son got an iTouch for Christmas. The most he has paid for any app so far has been 59p (about 90 cents).

How is that possible? I pay for 99 cent apps with tax thats like $1.08.
That's just what he says he was charged. UK sites don't add tax at the checkout, either - prices have to be displayed with all taxes already included, as they do in real shops.
Ahhh, lucky. I have to find out when I go to buy something that I can't afford it (I'm 13). Ok, I understand. Does your son like his Ipod Touch? How old is he?
He's 14, and loves it.

Most of the apps he's installed are freebies, so he still has about £12 left of a £15 iTunes voucher he was also given.
Cool! I love mine so much. You got him a great present!
No, that was his Uncle.
oh. what did you get him?
A bunch of smaller presents - a DS game (Black Ops), clothes, books and such.
Black ops? I didn't even know it could be played on a DS. I got clothes too and I needed some, I grow like crazy(I'm 6' tall-about 3 meters) and clothes are very important. I love books and reading is my favorite pastime! I think you did great!
Did I say 3 meters?
He wasn't asking that, he was asking about submitting an app.
"What is the best price to sell an RSS based search engine app on the app store?"

oooohhhh yeeeaaaahhh...
lemonie6 years ago

Can you actually get an app' on the app' store?

chilll2009 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
What i'm asking is while developing apps for the app store, what price should i sell an RSS/geographical based search engine app?

Wait until you've got something to sell, and price low <1$ see what happens, adjust your price.

Kiteman lemonie6 years ago
You can, but you have to pay for the privilege.

I think it's something like $50 just to get them to look at your app before it even goes onto the store.

Kiteman Kiteman6 years ago
Sorry,it appears to be $99 just to register as a developer.

eHow link

Wikipedia link.

lemonie Kiteman6 years ago

That is what I meant, has user paid said 99$?

Yes its $99 as far as i know to get privileges to submit apps. You can still get the dev tools free (Xcode, interface builder etc.) but you cant port it to a real iphone (you have to use the virtual one) without paying the $99

As for the question, id say $.99 to $3.99. be careful with some prices as they might scare off people. I think a while for apps that are high prices, but usually $.99 and 1.99 apps i get no problem (but i might be a little but of a cheapskate with apps). Id personally say an ok value is $1.99 or $2.99. Depends how much work was put into it, and of course how much you value it :)

I personally think apps are more likely to gain attention if they are not just $1. Usually i blaze right by those apps, but $2 maybe would gain my attention and looks more professional to me. But i guess thats just my point of view, id like to see what others say :)