iPhone, IR transmitter for Heli?

Hello all,

does anyone know how to make IR transmitter for heli? You can look at here what I mean: http://www.ihelicopters.net/

I already have such heli at home, also apps is free, I don't know how transmitter works, but I thinks it's just audio->IR->heli

any ideas, suggestions?


Picture of iPhone, IR transmitter for Heli?
mcride (author) 6 years ago
Any new info?
David976 years ago
I have got some three channel helicopters for $15 (NZD). To the ir tranzimitters their is olny two wires. I will try it out and see how it goes. :D
David97 David976 years ago
They arn't the iphone ones But I will see if they will work. I was thinking they might because of the frequency and they are also doubble bladed.
mcride (author)  David976 years ago
Ok, please try it and report it-picture... :)